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Notice to those who love the Delta:

Over the last 12 years, the Department of Water Resources (DWR), along with the Governor and some Federal agencies have been quietly conducting studies and planning for a MAJOR revision to the Delta.  However, it appears the true goal is to have more fresh water taken from the Delta to support new land developments in the North Bay and Southern California counties.  If implemented, the historic fresh water Delta of Northern California may become a new salt water "estuary".

 For more information, here's a few links: 

Delta Video 
"California Delta 101" which is a general information video
If you don't have the time to read the mountains of documents, look at a Summary, Timeline and a map


Example of a Delta Resort Video

     The California Delta Region is an AWESOME place to visit and explore!  It is located between Sacramento and San Francisco in Northern California.
     There are over 1000 miles of waterways to zip around, over 100 unique restaurants to boat to, and fun little resorts to visit. Here is a video about the Delta,  Below are maps showing the northern half of the Delta, and the southern half of the Delta.  This of Highway 12 between Lodi and Rio Vista as splitting the Delta north and south.  The largest town in the northern half is Sacramento, and the southern half has Lodi, Stockton and Antioch on the outskirts of the area.
(click on maps to see full size)
Sacramento Delta map
Northern half of the Delta

California Delta southern section
Southern half of the Delta

We hope the information provided in this website will help you understand just how unique this region of California really is!



Want to see photos?  Try our Gallery

Walnut Grove bridge opening                   RV camping at Snug Harbor

      The California Delta Region has been in the news quite a bit the past year.  Before that, most people did not even know where the California Delta was located!  it has also been referred to as the Sacramento Delta, the San Joaquin River Delta, the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and other variations of the same. Its in California and its one of only seven large deltas in the logically its called the "California Delta!"  Now anyone who reads the newspapers or online news services realizes most of California's drinking water flows through these waterways.  They also realize that many of the towns, INCLUDING our state capitol of Sacramento, could suffer the same fate as New Orleans did in 2005, if we got enough rain to breech or crumble the levee system here. 

But all those news articles tend to ignore the fact that the California Delta Region also has many quaint marinas and resorts offering a wide array of boating, water sports, fishing and relaxing opportunities.  This website focuses of the fun things about the Delta.  Please use the links provided to find out more about our special region of California.

Link to Delta Chambers and Visitors office:
Link to great place to camp or stay in a nice rental cabin:

Click here to see what happens to people who don't slow down when they are navigating sloughs in speedboats!

(This paragraph provided by a Delta landowner)

     If you would like more information about the plans to revise the Delta, you will find verbiage that says the co-equal goal is "restoration" of the Delta.  However, from the plans and maps it appears the goal is to REVISE the Delta.  The Bay Delta Conservation Plan ( BDCP) does not propose restoring the Delta to what it was when it first started being populated by non-native Californians in the 1840's.  That type of restoration would mean NO fresh water would be siphoned out of the Delta and of course the water agencies like Metropolitan Water District (Los Angeles area), Westlands Water District (West side of the Central Valley), Northbay Aqueduct (NorCal bay area cities), and other water agencies would not be willing to give up their fresh water source to truly restore the Delta.  So they plan to REVISE the Delta and "restore" the San Joaquin River by taking the fresh water out of the Sacramento River instead.  The governor's Delta Vision committee, the UC Berkeley "Reinvisioning the Delta", and other studies and papers coming our simply regurgitate plans made years ago without adequate input by the persons MOST affected by the new plans...the Delta citizens!  Surely this whole process, whether completed or not, will go into the law books as an example of effective eminent domain without just compensation.  In bits and pieces over the last 10 years, there have been studies and EIR/EIS processes all related to the Delta, getting ready to turn some islands into "In Delta Storage" or IDS, some islands into managed habitat areas, and some levees revised to widen water conveyance capability, other levees revised to mitigate for the damage to wildlife from other Delta measures.  If those farmers willingly sold their farm land, without being harassed out of business, that that is their right.  But given the tactics of the state government over the last 5 years, time will tell the truth.  Go to or and type in Delta-related words and you might be surprised or overwhelmed by what comes up.  Use words like IDS or in Delta storage, barrier gates, 2 temporary gates, east canal, Yolo Bypass, Cache Slough complex, channel margin restoration, McCormack tract, Statten Island, Webb Tract, DCC for Delta Cross Channel, Salmon, invasive species, contaminants, Delta smelt.  Or you can go to for many of the documents by year and a historical summary. 







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